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Supporting Documents

During the interview process nonimmigrant visas applicants are required to demonstrate significant ties to Croatia compelling their return following their temporary visit to the US. Certain documentary evidence can be very helpful in assisting your application and ensuring you receive your visa in two work days, if approved.

General Documentation for All Visa Types

Following are suggested documents to bring:

  • Employed persons should provide a letter from their employer, including information about length of service, paid and unpaid leave, and average monthly income for the last three months.
  • Self-employed businessmen and free-lancers should provide registration of their company or trade license. Tax payment certificates may also be helpful. Please do not provide a letter in which you vouch for yourself.
  • Pensioners should provide their latest pension slip.
  • Students should provide their student book (Index) and school attestation of regular enrollment in the current course of studies, and their last grade certificate (if in grade school).
  • Real estate owners may provide ownership certificates issued by municipal administration, ownership documents, or purchase contract.
  • If married, an updated marriage certificate.
  • If a parent of dependent children, birth certificates of children not traveling with you.
  • Letter of guarantee (Affidavit of Support) from a person living in the U.S. whom you intend to visit, notarized by a notary public in the U.S. or evidence that you have sufficient funds to cover the expenses of your trip.

Important: Visa applications of all persons under the age of 18 must have parents’ permission. This can be demonstrated by:

  • Both parents appearing at the visa interview as well as providing the child’s birth certificate; or
  • Provide birth certificate and a notarized letter from parent (s) giving permission for their child to obtain a visa. If one parent is deceased, then a copy of the death certificate.

Apporoved visas can be collected the following day at 3pm at the Consular Section entrance. Should you opt for mail delivery of your passport with a visa, please provide stamped and addressed envolope and hand it over to consular staff upon completion of your interview and once your visa is approved. Make sure to include postage of 9,50 or 12,20 HRK respectively depenedent upon the number of passports you wish to be sent in one envelope (not more than 4 per envelope). Please afix postage to an envelope; we will not accept postage cash payments. Mail service usually requires 2-3 work days to deliver your passport. For further information on delivery times talk to your nearest Croatian Postal Services office.

Should your passport with a valid visa expire, you can continue to use that same visa and carry both the old and the new passport issued by the same country.

Please note: If your visa page in your old passport was cancelled (perforated) by the Ministry of Interior when they annuled your old passport, you cannot use such passport or visa to travel to the United States.

Additional Documents for Specific Visa Types

Business Visas

In addition to the above, persons traveling on business should have an official letter from their employer that includes the following data:

  • Purpose and duration of stay in the U.S.;
  • Position within the company and average monthly salary;
  • Dates of travel and port of entry to the U.S.;
  • Name, address, and other details of company(ies) being visited;
  • Information on who is paying the costs of the trip.

Other Examples:

Visa applicants who wish to study in the U.S. must submit the form I-20 A-B or I-20 M- N provided by the school in the U.S. Visa applicants who wish to take part in the exchange program must submit an approved DS-2019 form issued by their sponsor institution. Both these categories whose I-20/DS-2019 forms have been issued on September 1, 2004 or later must make a payment of SEVIS fee. For further information on SEVIS fee please click here.

Treaty traders, investors, fiancées and members of religious organizations must submit additional documentation. You should also provide evidence of who you will support your stay in the U.S. as well as how you will cover the cost of your trip.

It is in your interest to present the most complete documentation during your visa interview.

Should you have additional questions give us a call at: 385-1-661-2300, Fax: 385-1-665-8933